Big C for Cure – in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Heal Concept Metal Letterpress Word in Drawer

The word “HEAL” written in vintage metal letterpress type in a wooden drawer with dividers.

The past 50 years have seen Cancer cases increase steadily. Even countries that had never had many incidents before, faced a sudden rise in statistics. Why is this happening? What has changed in the past 50 years that has been jeopardizing our health so much?

There is really no straight answer as to why cancer develops; nobody has been able to really pinpoint the actual cause; but I think the point is that there isn’t a single cause. It is rather a collection of lifestyle related unbalance, toxicity and nutritional gaps that make the body create unhealthy cells or: cancer.

The body is a perfect, self-healing structure, but just like anything else, it needs up keeping. It needs to be given the right elements to stay healthy, by expelling toxins and cleansing organs and tissues down to cellular level.

Modern medicine is trying to find “a cause” and therefore a drug that can cure the issue, but what if the cure were within us already?

Allopathic medicine tends to never give credit to our bodies and tries to always find a “solution” to any problem, without looking at the root cause.

This really has a lot to do with the fact that, just like with everything else, medicine makes money if treated like a business, and so it is!

From a personal experience, I drew a big lesson: I saw a very close friend get cancer and succumb to it within 2 years.

She was following all of her doctor’s instructions; doing everything from chemotherapy to radiations.

Following a friend’s advice, she started supporting her body with homeopathy and better nutrition. Eating more greens and no processed foods made her feel better; she did not feel as nauseated from chemo and could keep her food down. She lost excess weight but stayed healthy looking.

Within two years from discovering her illness and doing all the procedures required, she was in “remission”. I didn’t know better, and neither did she, so we were happy thinking that she was healed and back to normal.

However, her cancer came back with a vengeance a few months later and within 3 months, she was gone.

Eleven years later, I can safely say that she was not actually healing her body; she was rather managing her disease so that it didn’t make her feel sicker, but eventually, when the doctors told her she was in remission, and she went back to being less strict about her diet and lifestyle, she gave an opportunity to cancer to come back stronger.

I, like most people, was told that there is no cure for cancer; that chemotherapy is the only solution and that when doctors tell us that we only have “3 months to live” it is true! I have lived my life afraid of this big C, but I finally believe that the only big C I want to believe in is CURE!

Last year, I came across a wonderful documentary; it was called: “The Truth About Cancer” by Ty Bollinger, and my ears and my eyes opened up widely.

I have not been a fan of taking drugs for a while now, but with diseases such as cancer I never questioned doctors integrity and the only solution being chemotherapy, until I watched that documentary and realized that chemo, just like any other drug, is not made to treat the illness, it is not made to cure cancer, rather to manage it and make the cancerous cells shrink or disappear. However, most people have a come back. In modern medicine, remission and cancer free is calculated in 5 years slots and if cancer comes back after that it is not “connected” to a previous cancer scare. That is insane.

After the documentary I met so many people who have been fighting cancer and are listening to their doctors and undergoing operations, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, yet being very ill.

I cannot tell my readers to discard modern medicine and not follow their doctor’s advice, but I can tell you what I would do if I were in that situation. I decided that I would heal my body and really give it all it needs to be healthy again.

I also know that, I am healthy now and I rather stay that way, so it is not just about managing diseases when it happens, but rather promoting health whilst we have it.

How do we do that? We adopt a balanced and kind lifestyle, so we don’t follow trends of fad diets anymore, but we create a lifestyle, which gives us all we need. During my research I came across Dr. Charlotte Gerson, daughter of Dr. Max Gerson, creator of the Gerson Therapy.

The Gerson Therapy is a complete detoxification practice using organic vegetables and fruit, low fat and no salt and no animal protein; moreover, the practice of coffee enemas to detoxify the liver and pancreas daily.

This therapy is not easy; it surely requires a lot of commitment and planning; but if one has cancer, the Gerson has an amazing track record of patients who were deemed terminal by modern medicine and turned their health around once they focused on this therapy.

As a way of eating when healthy, this therapy can help maintaining a clean and healthy body long term. Charlotte Gerson is now 93 years old and she is in great form; has never been ill and follows this way of eating all the time. The coffee enemas are a great way to detox the body even when healthy; even tough the frequency is much lower than for Cancer patients.

The Gerson has been proven to work and not just on Cancer, but also on over 50 degenerative diseases.

The government knows of its healing powers, but it cannot accept them as valid because big Pharma lobbyist will never allow it. Dr. Max Gerson testified with healed patients in front of the Senate, but the power of the millions of dollars backing the pharmaceutical companies, overshadowed any results he had made. It is in fact illegal in the US to practice any other therapy but chemotherapy and radiations or any other approved drugs.

Charlotte Gerson decided to continue her dad’s work and opened a The Gerson Institute in California and a hospital in Mexico as well as one in Hungary, where alternative therapies can be chosen for healing Cancer.

I believe that once you know you have options, it is important to look at them and not just follow what traditional doctors say; they do not learn about lifestyle, do not learn about nutrition and they specialize in one single ailment so they never make the connection between all the different parts of the body. Functional medicine doctors do that and this is what I would look for.

But as I mentioned before, let’s try and think ahead and stay healthy rather than having to heal our body when it is in a bad state. Here a few tips I would recommend looking into:

1. Turn to a plant based diet: I will never get tired of inspiring people of becoming vegan; I think it is important to respect our body and our surrounding and feed ourselves with live foods and not foods that have suffered before getting onto our plates. We also want to have food that have sun energy, phytochemicals, minerals and plenty of vitamins!

2. Choose organic, local and seasonal: Here it can get complicated and some say expensive; but in all fairness, if you buy local and seasonal foods, the prices will always be affordable and, if you buy organic vegetables and cut out the expensive animal proteins; it is not more at all; in fact you will save money and long-term you will save on expensive medical bills.

3. Get Juicing: Juices are amazing; they are a great way to upper your intake of phytochemicals and vitamins because you can consume a higher volume of raw vegetables and fruit without the fiber; so your digestive system can take a break too.

4. Keep your gut healthy: Coconut kefir is amazing and a great way to get your probiotics daily; you can also opt for a vegan probiotics capsules, which are absolutely fantastic! But the main thing to keep your gut healthy is to eat plenty of vegetables and cut the animal protein out.

5. Adopt coffee enemas: Enemas or colonics are amazing! They really help take away all the toxins from your liver and flush it down the toilet (literally) so why not try it at home? The Gerson Therapy explains it all and even though, if you are healthy you do not have to do them everyday, you can take advantage as part of a regular detox

6. Say goodbye to junk: This needs to become a lifestyle, not a sacrifice! If you embark on a journey to health and prevention then eating well means you do it because you love it! Illness does not happen over night so health won’t happen over night either.

7. Enjoy life with people you love: Surround yourself with positive and inspiring people who make you feel alive and healthy! Research shows that if you have health conscious friends, you will be healthier too! That is awesome!

8. Meditate: “me” time is key to staying healthy; meditate daily and practice yoga; even if for 10 minutes of your time; the results will astonish you

Now it is time for you to make those changes and to keep your health intact; prevention is the best cure, but if you are in need of healing already then remember that the power is within you and nature!


Source : Linkedin