About Me | Shruti Patel

Shruti PatelI am Shruti Patel. I am very simple and honest girl. I want to grow in every step of my life. I like rather love to solve the challenges. I believe in one thing “When one door close, then after next open in the life”. Also my favorite quote “The journey of thousand miles begin with small steps”

In every step of my life, I came across my challenges, I accept it, try to figure out it, try all my possible effort. After that if in case I fail, then also I learn from it. I take lesson of life.

My hobbies is read novel, playing chess, table tennis, cards, reading biography which includes bill gates, Mark Zurkerburg, Warren Buffet, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, J R D Tata etc. Also, I watch motivational videos from youtube. My favorite is ‘The Secret” by B. Rhonda.

I completed my graduation from LJ college from IT department. During my graduation I had taken part in many Robotics games, hacking seminars, entrepreneur events, etc. My friends and me started our journey in last year of graduation. We take all the necessary permission from higher authorities. We launched our website in year of 2014. During the early days, the time was very tough.

The question arise in my mind “Started!!!!! But now what ??? How to be in the market ??? When we became stable” etc. Now time has come to do!!! show the skills !!! show time.  We do work on our portal everyday. Add few more things, remove few unwanted things, modify on our portal.  We redesign our products. We keep uploading the videos. We learn how to make animated videos and develop the content writing.

Then after students are willing to join us and contribute to our portal. We help them in their career and student life.

Today, I am working as a Marketing manager of LJ Projects.

You can always reach me on my email : shrutipatel3476@gmail.com